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Hunter Bridges the Composer

Belmont University, class of 2011, B.M. Commercial Music

I've been playing and writing music since I was a child. It is my deepest passion, and something I can't live without. I especially love writing music for video games!

I am currently based in Los Angeles, CA.

Primary Influences

I've prepared a selection of pieces to showcase here. If you'd like to hear more, visit my SoundCloud. If you'd like to purchase any of my albums, I encourage you to do so on Bandcamp. Like what you hear? !

Nexus Genesis is an album of 16-bit FM synth tunes I recently released. It was originally written for a Sonic fan-game. Check out some gameplay footage:

First Flight of the Airship and Longing are examples of my orchestration abilities. They draw upon influences from cinematic scores and role playing games.

I like to do cover tunes to experiment with arranging and production techniques.

And sometimes I drop all the way down to 8-bit because I love letting limitations inspire my creativity!

Hunter Bridges the Programmer

8 years of professional experience

I started working as a programmer during college in Nashville. After that, I worked in the San Francisco tech industry for 4 years. I still do lots of programming work as a freelancer.


Current Engagements


2013 - 2015
Jawbone — Research and Development Engineer
Primarily explored using binaural spatial audio in augmented reality contexts.

2011 - 2013
Wantful (closed) — Sr. Software Engineer
Responsible for leading the development of Wantful for iPad, which was featured as an Editor's Choice pick on the App Store.

2009 - 2011
Aloompa — iOS Developer
Created iPhone apps for music festivals.

I've also held various engagements with other companies as a freelancer.

I'm currently based in Los Angeles, CA. Want to hire me for a contract? !